Physician Assistant Salary

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Physician Assistant SalaryPhysician Assistant Salary

Physician assistant (PA)  salary tends to vary based on two factors: first, where the Physician Assistant works–such as the office of a physician or in a hospital–and where the PA is located geographically.
The annual mean physician assistant salary when working in the office of a physician was $84,720 in 2008.  This compares with the average mean physician assistant salary in 2006 was $74,980 per year, an increase of $9,470 in just two years or about 12.5%.
If the Physician assistant  works in a general medical and surgical hospital, his or her average mean physician assistant salary was slightly higher–$86,850.
A physician assistant  working in outpatient care center could expect an average mean physician assistant salary of $87,060 and one employed by the Federal Executive branch might see an average mean physician assistant wage of $81,180.

Physician Assistant Specialties

Physician Assistants who practice in physician assistant specialities generally earn more than the average physician assistant salary of all PAs. This makes sense because to become a PA in a specialty requires a residency, much like that of a doctor specializing in a certain field such as nephrology.
A Physician Assistant specializing in cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgery could see an annual Physician Assistant salary of around $110,468. As another example, a Physician Assistant specializing in dermatology might earn around $104,474 and in neurosurgery $98,024.

On the other hand, a Physician Assistant specializing in rheumatology enjoys average Physician Assistant salary of $81,224 and in obstetrics/gynecology $79,229. The average median Physician Assistant Salary  of some other specialties are public health, $81,387; critical care medicine, $96,984; nephrology, $80,842; and a, $78,956.

Physician Assistant Salary Graph

A link to current PA Salaries averaged that are being currently offered is below – If you click on the View larger graph you will see current salaries for many specialty branches and trends.

Annual mean Physician Assistant Salary by geographic area

Physician assistant salaries also vary based on where he or she practices. As examples of this, a PA practicing in Maine has an annual mean wage of $85,950, while one practicing in West Virginia would have an annual mean wage of $77,560. Alaska is a good place for a physician assistant to practice because the average mean wage there is $81,530. Nevada is even better with an annual mean wage of $103,500; Washington, $96,980, and Connecticut, $96,380.
How this stacks up against related jobs
The annual mean Physician Assistant salary of a PA stacks up very, very nicely against other related occupations. For example, a registered nurse has a mean annual wage of $66,530,  and a radiation therapist $77,340. Emergency med techs have a mean annual wage of $51,460 if they’re in the 90th percentile, and police and detective supervisors see a median annual wage of $75,490. In fact, about the only job that pays more on the average than that of the physician assistant salary is an air traffic controller whose mean annual wage is $106,990.