Physician Assistant Associations and Resources

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There is a great deal of benefit early in your quest to become a Physician Assistant (PA) to getting involved in as many industry groups and Physician Assistant Associations as you can.  They can connect you with whats going on in your profession, they sponsor educational and networking events, publish incredible magazines, keep up with laws effecting the PA profession and collect statistics about your Physician Assistant Career such as salary info, advanced education, and working conditions.
If you are getting near graduation or just want to get the most information you can join one of the following as soon as possible and get the publications. Also if possible attend one of the conventions to see the vendors and meet others who already work in the industry to get a feel for trends and to help decide on your Physician Assistant career path.
Some of the primary organizations that you will want to contact are:


AAPA – American Academy of Physician Assistants –  The premier site with student and entry level memberships for $75 annually. The benefits of being a member are:
  • Advocacy and Government Affairs  - provides lobbying on behalf of your profession
  • CME and Education Services – They organize and put together continuing educational opportunities for its members. Many states require a large number of continuing education units to maintain your license.
  • Insurance Programs – Discounted Malpractice, liability and personal insurance products.
  • Publications and Information Services – Source for hundreds of publications. Reference Books, resource guides, a Physician Assistant Magazine published monthly,
  • Professional Development Services – They have an incredible networking event and trade show event annually.
  • Employment Tools – Joblines and Salary statistics.
  • AFPPA – Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants, If you are are thinking of being in a general practice or primary care physicians office this is the only association entirely devoted to the industry.  Primary Care physicians represent the largest area of employment for physician assistants. The annual fee is $120 per year.   Student Members only pay $25.
    Some of the benefits are:
  • 3 annual conferences
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • includes subscription to ReachMD radio station on XM radio
  • Job opportunity listings
  • multiple student scholarships
  • Make sure you check for your regional state Physician assistant associations also. They are easily found with a quick web search. All states have regional physician assistant associations and  can be some of the best sources of special information regarding education, insurance, and legal requirements where you plan to work.